Who are we?

Optionbox Networks began with the dream of enabling all Yorkshire businesses to make the most of their IT infrastructure and boost their business with future-proof IT solutions. We pride ourselves on offering a truly all-in-one solution, providing Yorkshire businesses with all the services and products essential to business success – IT support, network security and IT infrastructure – at a fair price.

We’re experts in the IT industry. But we don’t always like what we see in it. It’s our ambition to do a consistently good job for our clients, time after time. We love saving you the immense hassle of dealing with massive companies that don’t care about your business. And as our customer, you’ll have your own friendly and helpful Optionbox Networks Account Manager who meets and talks to you in person.

What do we do?

We help businesses create and enhance IT infrastructure with robust hardware, comprehensive network security and future-proof cloud based software solutions for businesses of all sizes. We pride ourselves on interconnecting elements that make up a network to create a secure and reliable infrastructure that really works for the businesses we work with.

We supply and install high-quality equipment and technology, from cabling and network firewalls to computers and CCTV. We provide our services at a cost-effective price without ever sacrificing quality to cut costs.


Find out more about IT

Our blog is full of tips, advice and reviews relating to the latest in the IT industry.


Is your business making the most of its IT infrastructure? We can perform an audit on your IT solutions to discover whether you’re making the most of the technology you’re paying for. Book today.