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As your business embraces more technology than ever before, supporting and maintaining your ICT can be a massive expense for your company. With a reliable, accredited IT support partner, such as Optionbox Networks, your business can maintain low costs without compromising on quality.  

We prioritise offering IT support superior to that you’d get with an in-house team for a much lower cost. You get a premium service without the massive expense and stress of setting up and running your own in-house IT department.  

Here’s a bit more about the types of IT support we offer and how they work.  


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Business IT Support Leeds: Types of IT Support

We offer a wide range of IT support services, from 24/7 monitoring to on-demand remote IT support. Here is a quick breakdown the services Optionbox Networks offers: 

  • 24/7 monitoring 
  • On-demand remote IT support 
  • On-demand onsite IT support 
  • Ad hoc emergency IT support 

We offer a fully comprehensive service as an MSP or you can pick and choose services that you require. Here’s a more in-depth look at each of these services.  

24/7 monitoring

We offer 24/7 remote monitoring and management of your organisation’s network and devices. Our service benefits businesses of all sizes, from small SMEs to large enterprises. We can monitor your software and hardware, enabling both proactive and reactive IT support. You can deal with possible problems and we can handle the constant monitoring for you.  

Our monitoring service works in two ways: 

  • Monitoring and reporting 
  • Monitoring and management 

We can monitor your hardware and software, giving you regular reports. When we notice potential IT issues, we report them to you and then it’s over to you to deal with them. Alternatively, with monitoring and management, we can work with you to respond to and deal with potential ICT problems.  

Our monitoring software is extremely unobtrusive. In fact, only a small client is installed on hardware and doesn’t impact performance at all. The information gathered feeds back into our platform, enabling us to proactively monitor your systems and generate in-depth reports on the status and condition of your solutions.  

As part of the monitoring and management service, we can: 

  • Monitor servers, laptops, workstations, and mobile devices 
  • Monitor and manage backups to ensure they’re functioning correctly 
  • Rapidly respond to outages following a pre-determined plan (agreed with your business) 
  • Apply the latest security updates without any involvement needed from your team 
  • Automatically apply software updates and patches with no disruption to your operation 

On-demand remote IT support

There are so many situations where you might require a rapid response from an IT professional. That’s what you get with on-demand remote IT support.  

For example, imagine you are having OneDrive issues and your files aren’t syncing correctly to the cloud. This is a problem that needs fixing quickly so that you can save your work and continue to be productive. If you use our on-demand remote IT support service, you can ring Optionbox and get instant support with your issue.  

There are numerous ways you can contact us and receive remote support if you encounter a technical issue, such as: 

  • Telephone 
  • Email 

Using email, you can log a ticket on our industry-leading CRM, which goes straight through to our technical experts. This allows them to immediately begin work on your problem. SLA options are also available, where we guarantee response and fix times. 

We have an experienced remote support team happy to help with your technical issues. We understand that you need problems fixing rapidly, so we work fast to ensure minimal disruption to your business overall.  

On-demand onsite IT support

Some problems can’t be handled remotely, which is where on-demand onsite IT support comes in. In a similar way to remote IT support, we’re available to offer on-premises support whenever you need it.  

If you have any technical issues that require onsite attention, we have a team of experienced engineers available to help you out. If you have a support contract with us, you can have unlimited onsite IT support as part of one monthly fee, rather than paying for emergency callouts.  

The main benefit of our support contracts is you get everything that you need for one monthly fee. You know exactly what you’re going to pay at the end of the month and there are no hidden costs to worry about.  

With Optionbox Networks, you get an accredited partner with fantastic technical expertise and rapid reactivity to your ICT problems.  

Ad hoc emergency IT support

As well as our support contracts, we also offer ad hoc emergency IT support to businesses not wanting to commit to a support deal. Our ad hoc emergency IT support service helps you deal with any ICT issues you have quickly and effectively. Our experienced and professional IT team are always available whenever you need us.  

Ad hoc emergency IT support is a good option for businesses that have an in-house IT department that occasionally need additional technical expertise or organisations that don’t want to commit to an IT support contract.  

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