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Do you want a business to maintain your IT solutions, make them work better for you and save you money at the same time? We can help. Here at Optionbox Networks, we have a skilled and professional IT team ready to help your business make the most of its IT solutions. We work hard to learn about your business and help you save money by optimising your technology.

No matter the size of your business and the complexity of your setup, we can help you to save money and get the most from your tech.


Book your FREE IT audit. We’ll help you to make the most of your existing IT infrastructure with a comprehensive report that details areas for optimisation.

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Business IT Support Leeds: Why You Should Choose Us

No matter the size of your business or your IT setup, we can help you. Here is why you should choose Optionbox Networks as your IT support partner.

Friendly and Efficient Support Every Time

Our friendly specialist team knows how frustrating IT issues can be. We aim to provide friendly and efficient support always, which is demonstrated by our customer retention rate and customer satisfaction.

We aim to resolve any customer issue during the first contact. If you phone us up with an issue, we aim to get that problem resolved while you are on the phone. We take the satisfaction of our customers very seriously.

Hassle-Free IT

We know how important your IT is to the running of your business. It’s vital, and you can’t afford to go without it. Furthermore, you don’t want your staff trying to fix IT problems when they should be focusing on their jobs.

As your support partner, we combine proactive and reactive services to ensure your IT doesn’t let your business down. We make your IT hassle-free. You never have to worry about it again; everything just works, and if something doesn’t, we fix it in a timely manner, so your business doesn’t feel the impact. We focus on the proactive, with 24/7 remote monitoring of your IT servers and workstations.

Future-Proof Solutions

We have the expertise to provide your business with future-proof and scalable technology that will still serve your business well for years to come. Any network that we create is made up of scalable equipment that will grow as your business grows and change as your industry changes.

We really get to know your business to make sure we provide solutions that really work for you. The last thing you want is tech that’s going to need replacing a year or two down the line. By taking the time to understand your business, we ensure that we provide you with scalable, reliable technology.

No Hidden Costs

Is there anything worse than hidden costs? All businesses, particularly SMEs, benefit from having fixed costs from service providers. No one likes a surprise bill so that is why we explain all costs upfront. With Optionbox Networks, you’ll never have a surprise bill. You will know what you’re going to pay each and every month.

Our transparent pricing helps you to budget easier. Business IT support for your Leeds business is a necessary cost, so we make budgeting as easy as we possibly can for you.

Business IT Support Leeds: We Can Help You

If you need business IT support for your Leeds business, we can help you. With efficient, friendly service, we ensure that you do not need to worry about your IT support again. All your IT solutions will just work as they should, which we ensure with 24/7 server and workstation monitoring.

If you would like to find out more about how we can save you money while optimising your IT, please contact us. One of our friendly team will be in touch to discuss your IT requirements in more detail and advise on how we could help you.

FREE IT Audit Worth £189!

Are you leaking money because of your poor IT infrastructure? Are your computers working as well as they should be? With our FREE IT audit, we can advise you on how you can make inexpensive improvements to your current IT setup. We can also assess your cyber security readiness and identify exploitable areas in your infrastructure.

Please book your FREE IT audit today by clicking the button below to visit our dedicated IT audit page.