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There are a lot of threat actors and groups in the world potentially trying to exploit your business online, so getting your cyber security in order should be a priority for your business. If your cyber security isn’t up to scratch, everything from your website to the hardware in your offices could be negatively impacted, resulting in downtime and financial loss.

A lot of businesses don’t understand cyber security adequately, meaning they don’t have the knowledge or the means to protect their assets. Here at Optionbox, we have a team of cyber security experts that can perform comprehensive audits, offer valuable advice and install suitable security solutions for your business.

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As part of your FREE cyber security audit, we will perform a network penetration test and perform various audits to determine the efficiency of your cyber protection. After, we will create a comprehensive report that explains how your security can be enhanced.

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Cyber security measures

Protecting your business with cyber security solutions requires more than simply being aware of how you could be targeted. Here are some of the cyber security solutions that our team can help you to put in place.

Network firewalls

A firewall is a proactive barrier in place to prevent destructive elements from entering your network. An up to date, comprehensive firewall should prevent most threats from entering your network at all.

Intrusion detection

Intrusion detection allows you to monitor your network and notice any threats as they enter or occur. With real-time monitoring, you are able to distinguish any intrusions before they impact your network.

Anti-virus software

Anti-virus software is an additional protective layer of proactive software, preventing malware and ransomware from breaking into and impacting your network.


Backups are stored in a location alternate to your standard network. Backups typically consist of your file, data and applications. If your network was targeted, you can remove the threat quickly and effectively and restore your backup. This means you can completely reset your network and restore it quickly.

Recovery plans

Irrespective of all the software and defences in the world, all it takes is one complex and sophisticated virus to break through and damage your network. Your business needs to have all-inclusive recovery plans in place, so everyone knows what to do if your company’s critical functions are targeted. With disaster recovery plans in place, you can ensure your business quickly gets back on track after an attack.

Cyber security audit: how an audit works

Our audits are tailored to your business and designed to rate the proactive cyber security solutions that you have in place. But how do our audits actually work?

Identifying possible vulnerabilities

There are new threats rising to prominence regularly, and an audit will find out the vulnerabilities of your setup to these threats. Our team will look at your current cyber security and report on how you could add to and improve your current solutions.

Penetration tests

We run complex penetration tests on your network and systems, allowing us to report on your vulnerabilities and whether your security is adequate. Penetration tests can highlight areas for improvement in your network’s defences to ensure your cyber security becomes as comprehensive as possible.

In-depth reports

After we have completed an audit of your cyber security setup, we create in-depth reports that tell you everything you need to know, such as what you currently do well in terms of cyber security and where you can improve.

Audit and advice

Don’t wait for your business to be attacked by threat actors. It’s important to be proactive about cyber security, or your company will be at great risk.

Regular cyber security audits are essential for ensuring your security setup is impenetrable. We can run comprehensive security audits for your business and complete penetration testing to find out whether your business could be exploited by cyber criminals.

Our security audits and penetration testing are both crucial for protecting your business and all of its assets.

FREE Comprehensive Security Audit

We’ll perform an audit on your existing network security and provide a detailed report on how you can enhance your security solutions. Contact us today to book.

Professional Advice and Solutions

We have a professional cyber security team that can help you to get your cyber security setup to a standard necessary for your business. No matter the size of your company, there is a chance that you will be targeted by malicious groups. With our professional advice and cyber security solutions, your business can be comprehensively protected against all known threats proactively and reactively. We can handle the setup of business grade cyber security solutions for you so that you can focus on the success of your company without worrying about security.

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