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With an ever-expanding amount of cyber threats in the world, every business needs to take network security seriously. A security breach can impact the integrity of your network and data, which could cause significant problems for your businesses’ operations.

The term network security encompasses both hardware and software technologies. We have a professional, trained team that can help you to ensure that your data, software and hardware is all protected with network security suitable for your business.

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Effective security solutions

As threats evolve, so does network security. Network security is no longer going to work if threats have evolved to counteract the security in place. Here at Optionbox, we have the capabilities to design and manage network security for your business. We use the latest technology to ensure that your network is always protected against the exploits used by threat actors.

Here are some of the security solutions that we combine to create a comprehensive network security setup for your business.

Network access control

Network access control (NAC) is designed to ensure that your network is only accessed by approved users and devices. The more users that have access to your network, the higher the chance of your network being attacked by malware or viruses. To keep potential attackers at bay, we can put in place security policies that block unauthorised users and devices from gaining access to your network.

Anti-virus software

If you do not have anti-virus software in place, there is nothing to prevent viruses, worms, ransomware and spyware from accessing and exploiting your network. We install and update business-grade anti-virus software on your network, which will detect malware upon network entry and continuously monitor your network to counteract and destroy any previously undetected malware.

Business mobile security

Cyber criminals are always finding new ways to get into your network, such as exploiting business mobiles. If you provide your employees with company mobile phones, chances are you allow these devices to access your network. Business mobile security is security for mobile phones to prevent threat actors from gaining access to your network via them.


Firewalls are essentially a wall between the inside (your network) and the outside (other networks). This wall is designed to prevent all dangerous traffic going through to your network, averting potential threats. A firewall can come in many shapes and sizes; it can be hardware, software, or both, depending on the requirements of your business. A firewall is usually the first defence of your company’s network.

Email security

Email gateways are always targeted by threat actors, as it is one of the easiest ways to gain access to a network. All it takes is one user clicking a malicious link in an email to give an individual or group full access to your network. Sophisticated email security software sifts through emails, removing dangerous emails before they even reach inboxes. Additionally, business-grade software can control outbound messages to ensure there are no unintentional data leaks.

Wireless network security

It doesn’t need mentioning that wireless networks are less secure than wired networks. If your wireless network is unprotected by suitable security software, you are essentially giving people a free pass to access your network. We use software designed specifically to protect wireless networks, ensuring that your network is always as secure as possible.

Professional, impenetrable security solutions

Here at Optionbox, we completely understand the importance of securing your company’s network against threats. We offer a comprehensive network security service that protects your network against threat actors looking to exploit your systems.

We have many business grade network security solutions that we can use to create a security setup that meets the requirements of your business. We can also maintain and enhance network security solutions over a period of months and years to ensure continuous, up-to-date protection. A security breach could cause serious problems for your business, so contact us today to discuss your requirements.


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