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Computers and other hardware are the backbone of most modern businesses, but these computers and hardware will not work effectively for your business without the right setup. The performance of your hardware is dependant on a lot of things, such as the software and services that make up your infrastructure. Investing in IT infrastructure design yields greater business efficiency and allows you to operate more competitively in your market.

Optionbox with small and medium sized businesses to deliver complete IT infrastructure design, from the procurement of suitable devices to the instalment of useful technology solutions. We can work closely with your business to create an IT infrastructure that gives your company everything you require and enables you to offer the best possible service to your customers now and long-term.

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Infrastructure considerations

Creating the right IT infrastructure for your business requires planning and design, not just the skills to install it. The designing stage of creating an IT infrastructure is just as important as ensuring the infrastructure is installed and used correctly.

To design the perfect infrastructure, there are some considerations:


Different businesses have different security requirements, but every IT infrastructure needs to be secure. If your business’s IT infrastructure isn’t secure, you are at risk. Malicious attacks can take place at any time, so your infrastructure needs to have the required defences to stop attackers from stealing your data and so on.

Size of business

If a small business wants IT infrastructure, we must cater it to their requirements. In the same way, a medium-sized business must have an infrastructure created that truly meets their needs. Size of business is an important consideration in the designing of IT infrastructure.

Technical requirements analysis

The specific technical requirements need to be considered when designing an infrastructure for a business. Companies require an infrastructure that meets their current requirements, but they also require one that can grow and change over time. An IT infrastructure needs to be designed with future development in mind.


What does IT infrastructure comprise?

Any business’s IT infrastructure comprises the hardware, software, network resources and services required to deliver IT solutions and services to employees and customers alike. Without all the crucial elements of an IT setup, a business that requires information technology for all tasks will struggle to operate.

We always make an infrastructure up of all the following:


Hardware is absolutely essential for a business of any type, particularly businesses using IT to provide IT services. Hardware means servers, computers, routers and other equipment.


Network solutions are also required for effective use of hardware and software. Network covers things such as internet connectivity, firewalls and cyber security.


Hardware is useless to a business without software. Typical software includes productivity applications and customer relationship management tools. Hardware cannot be used effectively without the software.


Employees are crucial for the effective designing, creation and maintenance of an IT infrastructure. Even if you do not have an IT department as part of your business, the benefits of outsourcing for network administrators, developers and designers cannot be overstated.

Infrastructure design and maintenance

Optionbox can offer complete IT infrastructure design, from the procurement of hardware and software to creating and installing the ideal network solutions. We work closely with our clients to determine their particular needs; this allows us to create an infrastructure that suitably meets the customer’s requirements.

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