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IT Support Services UK

Does your business rely on its IT solutions? Wouldn’t it be fantastic if your IT solutions always worked, and you had IT professionals available whenever to keep you online? Here at Optionbox Networks, we ensure your systems are always working optimally with our proactive maintenance, monitoring and managed IT support solution. Alongside our fully managed IT support, we offer a full technology consulting service and we can provide high-quality technology solutions at the very best price.

You can rely fully on our IT support services, because we get to know your business and the tech you use inside out. We tailor our IT support services to the unique needs of your business, ensuring your always protected and online.


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IT Support Services UK: How We Help You Manage Your IT

IT problems can be disastrous. Even the smallest IT issue can be a big hit to productivity, efficiency and customer satisfaction. When something goes wrong, you know that you can ring up Optionbox Networks for the support you need. We have a UK-based team of IT experts who are always on hand to maintain your systems for you.

We monitor your computers, servers, and devices 24/7 to ensure they’re all working as they should be. Our proactive approach to maintaining your IT means we notice and fix issues before they even come to your attention.

We pride ourselves on our friendly yet extremely effective approach to IT support. Let us help you manage your IT so that you can focus on other important areas of your business.

IT Support Services UK: The Benefits of Our IT Support Services

Why worry about your IT when you can outsource your requirements to IT experts? Here are several benefits of our IT support services.

We Rapidly Respond To Any Issue

No matter your issue, we respond rapidly and start working on your IT issue within 10 minutes of your initial phone call.

We aim to resolve every IT issue while you’re initially on the phone. However, that isn’t always possible with some IT problems. That’s why we dedicate ourselves to working on your IT issue within just 10 minutes, no matter what the issue is.

Have you ever had to sit around waiting for your IT company to phone you back when you have an issue? We know how frustrating that is. Your IT problem is a big deal for your business, so you need to know what’s happening. Here at Optionbox Networks, we’re different; we don’t keep you waiting for a response. We always endeavour to keep you updated on any developments, so you’re always kept in the loop.

We Proactively Maintain Your Systems

The tiniest IT issue can have the biggest impact on the way your business operates. We know how big an impact IT issues can have on your productivity and efficiency, so we use advanced monitoring software to spot and resolve IT issues before they have any impact on your business.

Are you fed up of having to phone your IT company every time you have an issue? Wouldn’t it be so much better if they were proactive and dealt with issues before you even notice them? Here at Optionbox Networks, that’s what our friendly IT professionals aim to do every single time.

We Complete Essential Maintenance in The Background

Applying patches and updates to your IT solutions can be time-consuming, and let’s face it, you have other elements of your business to focus on. We proactively complete a lot of tasks, such as applying patches and updates, in the background. We do this to offer our customers complete peace of mind that they’re using fully updated and protected IT solutions all the time.

We do everything in the background, so it doesn’t disrupt your day in any way. You won’t even know that we’re completing patches and updates, because we’ll apply them at times when we know it won’t impact your work. We know the best times to complete essential maintenance, because we get to know your business inside out.

We Charge A Fixed Rate

How many times have you had surprise bills drop on your desk at the end of the month? We know and understand that bills you’re not expecting can really throw off your financial planning and cause issues for your business. Because we understand, we charge a fixed amount every month for our managed IT support and other IT services.

Because we charge a fixed rate, you know exactly what you’ll be paying for your IT support come the end of every month. No matter when or how much you need our support, you’ll pay one fee that stays the same every month. No more nasty surprises when your bill lands at the end of the month.

Let Us Help You: See How We Work With A FREE Audit

Want to see us in action before you decide to make us your IT partner? See our expertise and talent with a FREE, no-obligation IT audit. Contact us today to book your IT audit, or visit our dedicated page using the button below to see what a free audit actually entails.