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If you’ve just launched your new website and you have dedicated company emails, hosting is a necessity you cannot do without. A web hosting service is an internet hosting service that allows your business to be accessible via the internet. An email hosting service is a service that enables your company to send and receive emails using your company specific email addresses.

Here at Optionbox, we have a hosting platform that is speedy, secure and suitable for virtually all websites and emails. Whether you are looking to set up new emails or you have a range of emails to bring to our platform with you, we have the capabilities to host your website and emails cost-effectively on our business-grade servers.

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Why choose Optionbox web hosting?

Ensure that your website is visible to everyone from your employees to potential customers with web hosting. Our website hosting platform is perfect for websites of all sizes, whether you have a small WordPress site or an e-commerce site with a wide range of products.


We continuously optimise our servers to consistently offer the best speeds for users of your website. Your website will be able to achieve its full potential when it is hosted by us, as we can guarantee fast loading times when used by you or your customers.


We keep up with the times when it comes to security, meaning our servers are as secure as possible. Since our servers are secure, this means that your website is secure too. We also optimise your site to increase its security when you migrate to our hosting platform.


If you encounter any problems with your website, our trained team of experts are on hand to help you. Whether your site is loading slow or you can’t log into the backend, our team can get you back on track quickly.


Our web hosting is cost-effective compared to packages on offer with bigger businesses such as GoDaddy. We own our servers, meaning that we host your website instead of reselling hosting to you. This means that we can keep your costs low, instead of having to raise prices to make a profit.

Want to find out more about hosting?

You can find out more about the hosting that we offer by contacting us now. We can also perform a FREE hosting review of your current hosting platform today.


Email addresses customised to your business

Owning and using email addresses personalised to your business creates a professional appearance for your company. If you want to look the part with custom email addresses for your business, we can cost-effectively host your email addresses and emails for you.

Emails on all devices

Our email hosting uses IMAP. This means that your emails can be synchronised across all of your devices, from your work computer to your personal mobile phone.


We use firewalls and other security software on our email hosting platform to ensure that you aren’t receiving spam and dangerous emails that could cause a problem for your business.

Outlook integration

Nobody wants to be using a webmail service that really doesn’t meet their needs. Emails hosted by Optionbox can be integrated with Outlook, meaning you can use your company specific email through the Outlook software. Why put up with ugly, impractical webmail when you can enjoy the superior user experience of Outlook?

Cost-effective hosting for businesses

If you’re fed up with your current web and email hosting company or you’re just starting out, our services are perfect for you. Owning our own servers means that we can offer cost-effective web and email hosting to all of our customers, meaning a home for your emails and website without all the expense of a big hosting company.

To discuss your web and email hosting requirements today, give us a call. Our friendly team will be more than happy to go through your needs with you.

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