Storing and protecting your important data

There are a multitude of reasons that you could require a backup of your data. For example, your hard drive could become corrupted or your IT infrastructure might be targeted by threat actors. No matter the steps that you take to secure your business’s IT setup, there are numerous ways that you could lose valuable data if you do not perform regular backups.

A cloud backup service saves the data on your computer in an offsite location. This means that your data is stored elsewhere in addition to your hard drive, meaning you would still have it regardless of whether you have your computer or not. Here at Optionbox, we can provide you with software enabling you to perform online backups. Additionally, we can host your backups on our servers so that your data is always safely secured no matter what happens.

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How it works

As a customer, you can pay for your business’s data to be backed up securely online. A service provider can handle the backups for you, charging you a certain fee that differs based on factors such as the amount of data stored and regularity of backups.

Some businesses have their own off-site servers where backups can be stored, meaning backups are significantly more cost effective. Here is how online backups work.

Data copied

SaaS-based online backup can automatically copy data and transfer it over a secure connection, storing it on remote servers. Online backups can be restored on-demand, enabling customers to restore data as needed if data was ever lost locally.

Sticks to a schedule

Typically, SaaS-based online backup follows a schedule. Typically, this is decided by the customer, but it is normally once a week or once a day. It usually depends on your level of service choice.

Cloud seeding

An initial backup over the network can take days if not weeks, especially when you consider how much data your business stores. As a result, some cloud backup providers actually offer a cloud seeding option. Instead of the initial backup being over the network, the provider sends a disk appliance to the customer. The customer transfers all of their data to this disk appliance. The customer sends this back to the provider, who uploads it to their server.

You need a cloud backup solution

A cloud backup solution offers peace of mind. Imagine how devastating it would be if your business loses all its files. Secure your business’s valued data with our solution today.


Advantages of online backups

Online backups can be massively beneficial for businesses of all sizes. Here are a few advantages of online backups.


Creating online backups is much cheaper than backing up your data on-premises. Buying hard drives to back up your data can end up becoming very expensive and storing them all securely can be costly too. For online backups, expenses are significantly lower. Additionally, you don’t need to store online backups somewhere as that is all handled for you.

Increased security

Your backups will not be completely secure if you are storing them in your building. There are so many risks when storing hard drives in your building: fires, hardware failure, and theft are just a few to worry about. By storing backups online, you remove all the risks of storing physical backups while still keeping easy access.

Fully automated

Automated online backups require no input from the person who is backing up their data. Backing up data manually requires effort every time you need to make a backup which is time that could be better spent on other activities.

Begin backing up valued data now

If you haven’t transferred over to online backups yet, it is important to switch over as soon as possible. Backing up data online will free up time and resources, meaning that you can focus your efforts elsewhere.

We can install online backup software on your system and back up your data for you now. Contact us today to discuss your requirements in detail.


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