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Every business that utilises information technology will need technical support from time to time. While bigger companies might have an in-house IT department, most smaller and medium-sized businesses do not have the same luxuries.

If you are operating on a tight budget, we have a cost-effective remote IT support package ideal for you. Our remote support includes continuous monitoring of your infrastructure and professional support with any IT problems you encounter. Ensure that you are using your IT setup to best effect by making use of remote support services dedicated to supporting your business.

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    Our remote IT support has a wide range of features for its cost-effective price. Here are some of the ways we support your company:

    Unlimited Support

    Whether you contact us via phone or email, we offer unlimited technical support to ensure smooth running of your IT infrastructure.

    Regular Maintenance

    We believe being proactive typically removes the need to be reactive. We perform regular maintenance on your infrastructure to keep everything operating perfectly.


    Alongside offering support, we can offer advice on IT-related matters. Considering an upgrade, or wondering whether to change your infrastructure? We’re here to offer professional advice.

    Remote Assistance

    Utilising our management software, we can offer remote assistance for servers, PCs and networks.

    IT Monitoring

    We monitor your IT infrastructure to ensure everything is working as it should. If we notice a problem, we’ll notify you and fix is quickly and effectively.

    Dedicated Account Manager

    All our remote support customers have dedicated account managers. Your account manager can assist you with any of your requirements, and you will have a direct line to contact them as needed.


    Key benefits

    Here are some of the benefits of remote IT support.

    Fast Fixes

    We have a team of dedicated IT support professionals who know what they’re doing when it comes to networks, PCs and servers. This means we can fix problems quickly and effectively.

    No Hidden Fees

    We don’t hide any fees from you. You only pay what you have agreed as part of your contract. Whether your company uses our services more than other businesses or not, you won’t have an unexpected large bill at the end of the month.

    Unlimited Support

    Remote IT support is unlimited, so we’re here to help whenever you need us. Whether you phone up 5 times per day or once a week, you pay the same cost-effective price.

    Lower Costs

    Our remote IT support is far more cost-effective than having an in-house IT department and you can expect to experience the same level of service. Since our services are fixed priced, you have a regular operational expense that you can always budget for.

    Cost-effective support, provided by professionals

    Every time you call Optionbox for support, you will be speaking to a trained professional with the skills and experience to fix your problem. All our personnel are trained to the highest standards to ensure that we offer the best possible service to our customers for the best possible price.

    For a free review of your IT infrastructure today, either give us a call. We’ll be happy to advise you on how we can help you and support your company’s growth with our high-quality support services.


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