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If you need a cost-effective and reliable home for your website and emails, we can help you. We offer high quality web hosting services to several businesses operating in a range of sectors, from businesses with a tiny website to businesses with a massive website. We pride ourselves on offering a secure and reliable hosting platform that your business can rely on to keep your website and emails live and safe.

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It can be challenging and expensive to move your website to a new hosting company. Here at Optionbox Networks, we want to make it as easy and cheap as possible for you.

If you want to move your website over to our hosting platform, we offer a FREE website moving service. That way, you can move your website to our hosting without having to spend a penny.

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    Web Hosting Leeds

    Key features of good hosting platforms

    We cannot overstate the benefits of choosing the right hosting platform. If you choose poor hosting, your website will run poorly. However, choose the right hosting package and the benefits can be plentiful.

    Here are some of the key features of a good hosting platform, such as the platform we offer.

    Improved site performance

    Is your website an important part of your business’s marketing efforts? If so, your website needs to perform optimally. By choosing our hosting platform, you will notice improvements to how your website performs across all devices.

    We have optimised our hosting platform to ensure that your website loads quickly on all devices. People will rapidly leave your website if it takes forever to load. That is why it’s so important to guarantee your website loads fast every single time. Our optimised platform is the perfect home for your website, as we’ll make sure your website loads as quickly as possible on all devices, from PCs to laptops and mobile devices.

    Server level security

    Most website owners do not think about whether or not their website is secure. However, without security for your website on the website and server level, your website is under massive threat from harmful cyber criminals. Your website is made up of a series of files, which are stored on your hosting platform. If your hosting platform is unsecure, the chances of cyber criminals abusing your site are significant.

    We have multiple levels of security in place at server level, which will prevent cyber criminals from accessing your website files. For example, we have advanced firewall protection in place, which acts as a barrier between outside sources and files held on our server. Should the worst occur, we always have many backups of your website stored, meaning we can restore a backup and therefore restore the security of your website.

    High reliability

    When searching for a hosting company for your Leeds based business’s website, you want to pay attention to mentions of uptime. It’s incredibly important that your hosting company advertises a high level as uptime, as your site is only visible to customers whilst it is online. Uptime specifies the percentage of time that your website will be online and visible to users. For example, a 99.9% uptime guarantee will mean your website is visible to users 99.9% of the time.

    We ensure a high uptime percentage for all websites that we host. We understand how valuable an asset your website is to your business, so we do our utmost to ensure that it is always visible to users. While essential server maintenance and updates are performed on a regular basis, we act carefully to make sure that downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.

    Web Hosting Leeds

    Why choose Optionbox Networks hosting?

    We are a Leeds based hosting provider and we understand the importance of ensuring that your website is available at all times. We offer 99.9% uptime, with that 0.01% allowing us time to perform maintenance and updates to guarantee the long-term reliability of our platform.

    Top quality server technology

    We use only the latest server technologies to offer the best experience for our customers. We regularly upgrade our server infrastructure with the latest technology, guaranteeing that our hosting platform remains at optimal efficiency.

    Affordable hosting

    By managing and maintaining our own servers, we can offer hosting at an affordable cost. Your business gets great value for money when you choose to host your website on our servers.

    Backups included

    We regularly back up your website in case the worst happens. If we notice any faults or your website encounters an error, we can restore a previous iteration of your website to ensure minimum downtime for your site.

    UK based support

    Our Leeds based department offers friendly, prompt support should you need any help. We have an efficient ticketing system that enables us to respond quickly to any queries you raise.

    FREE website migration

    Want to move your website over to a superfast, secure hosting platform?

    We will move your website over to our servers free of charge. Book your FREE website migration today.


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