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Benefits of Laptop Leasing for Business

Are you looking for a new laptop? With laptop leasing for business, you can have a brand new, top of the range laptop for as little as £4 a week. That’s less than your morning coffee, or a trip to the sandwich shop at lunch!

To be productive, you need to have suitable computer equipment. However, buying computer equipment is so expensive and often businesses cannot afford to upgrade their equipment as a result. With laptop leasing, you can get the equipment that you need for your business without the massive upfront cost normally associated with equipment procurement.

We can supply you with the latest technology at a cost-effective price, so you don’t have to pay a massive lump sum upfront. we tailor our leasing solution to your business, so you can pay for your equipment in a way that suits you.

Here are some of the benefits of leasing the computer equipment that you need rather than purchasing it.


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Keep Your Equipment Up to Date

If you previously purchased your technology instead of leasing it, chances are you are now using out of date equipment. Using outdated tech can reduce the productivity and effectiveness of your team, preventing your business from growing at the level you want it to.

With a lease, you can cost-effectively ensure that you are always using the best equipment available to you. There’s no need to put up with poor equipment when you can lease quality tech affordably. Once your lease expires, you can move onto newer and faster equipment. Leasing technology is a win-win situation for your business, because you aren’t lumbered with useless, outdated equipment at the end of the lease unless you choose to keep it.

One Monthly Expense for Easy Budgeting

No matter the size of your business, budgeting can be difficult. With leasing, budgeting for your tech is made easy. Why? Because you know exactly what you’re going to pay come the end of every month, giving you ample opportunity to budget with that cost in mind. You’ll never be landed with a shock bill, because your monthly expense is the same every month.

Many businesses that use leasing state this as one of the biggest benefits. Business owners know what they will pay for the duration of their contract, so they can set money aside every month with their leasing in mind.

No Upfront Cost

Many SMEs seriously struggle with cash flow, which can make upgrading technology virtually impossible. With leasing, there is no upfront cost. This means that businesses do not need to worry about cash flow; they can upgrade their equipment without having to worry about finding funds upfront.

Leases very rarely require any upfront investment, meaning that SMEs can spend in other, more essential areas whilst still getting the tech they need.

Easily Keep Up with Your Competitors

Keeping up with competitors that have more money and resources is an issue faced by the vast majority of SMEs. Leasing enables businesses with less money in the bank to keep up with their competitors. Companies utilising leasing can still get the latest technology without having to break into an emergency cash reserve.

Without leasing, many businesses would seriously struggle to keep up with their competitors. Now, small businesses no longer have to struggle to keep up with their wealthier competitors.

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