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Has your business ever been subject to a cyber attack? According to the Federation of Small Businesses, almost 10,000 cyber attacks take place against small businesses daily. If you don’t have up-to-date network security solutions or any cyber security at all, your business is massively at risk.

Network security isn’t one piece of hardware or software. The term encompasses all software and hardware that combines to protect your IT infrastructure.

Regardless of the size of your business, you require network security solutions. The right future-proof solutions will protect your infrastructure against a growing number of cyber threats.

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Network Security: Elements of an ideal network security solution

Network security solutions almost always comprise hardware and software. This is the only way to ensure comprehensive protection for your business.

Network security typically has three elements: technical, physical and administrative. While these elements combine to create a comprehensive security solution, they all play a very important part in protecting your network.


Technical security protects the data contained within your network. It also protects data leaving and entering your network. Technical network security solutions not only protect the data stored in your network; they also protect your network from unauthorised sources trying to transmit data into your network.

Technical network security will protect you from both internal and external threats. It will protect your network from malicious employees trying to exploit your business.


Physical network security protects people from physically accessing elements of your network. Physical security controls who can access network components such as routers and servers with a range of access control solutions.

Access control is a business essential, as it is important to control who can access your building. It is particularly important when you are preventing malicious individuals from gaining access to your network equipment.


Administrative network security can include policies and processes that your business puts into place to control how employees use your network. Administrative security enables you to control user behaviour to ensure your network security isn’t easily breached because of a lack of awareness.

When putting policies and processes into place, it is important to make sure all employees read them and fully understand them. Policies and processes will do your business no good if your employees aren’t aware of them or don’t understand them.

Network Security Solutions: What technology do we need to establish protection?

Creating a secure network requires a wide range of hardware and software. Through a range of network security components, you can ensure that your network is protected against all threats, both external and internal.

Here are some network security component examples that all good network protection solutions are made up of.

Access Control: Access control is a network security essential. Access control prevents unauthorised users from accessing and abusing your network. Access control doesn’t just prevent unwanted people using your network; it can ensure that allowed users can only access what they need to.

Anti-malware: Anti-malware prevents malicious software such as viruses, ransomware and spyware from infecting your network. Malware can often infect your network but remain inactive for a period of time, so without anti-malware you might be unaware of any threat until it strikes. Anti-malware software will constantly scan for malware while preventing any malware from ever penetrating your network.

Firewalls: Firewalls act as a barrier between your own network and any outside networks. Firewalls are essential as they prevent anything from external sources ever transmitting files into your network. Firewalls can be configured to allow traffic from trusted sources, enabling you to send and receive data without difficultly when transferring between trusted networks. A firewall can be both hardware and software or one of the two depending on your requirements.

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