Networking Services: How We Can Help You

A well designed and secure network that you can rely upon is a business essential. As businesses increasingly demand more from their IT infrastructure, a future-proof and reliable network is more important than ever before.

If you are looking to enhance your network, you cannot just choose any networking partner. You need a business that can provide a full end-to-end service. Here at Optionbox Networks, we have a large team dedicated to assessing your requirements and designing your network, installing the technology you need, and managing the entire process so you can focus on what you’re good at without disruption. We provide a full networking service that ensures seamless and cost-effective enhancements to your network.


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Why Choose Us For Your Networking Needs?

We’ve an excellent track record of delivering reliable, scalable and cost-effective IT networks to SMBs and SMEs alike. Here is why you should choose Optionbox Networks for your networking needs.

Experience and Expertise

To create a future-proof and reliable network, experience and expertise are very important. Here at Optionbox Networks we have a team specialising in network architecture, with experience designing and installing networks for businesses of all sizes from many different industries.

Our experience and expertise mean we can design and install an innovative, future-proof infrastructure for your business. We also have the in-house talent to provide ongoing support for the infrastructure we create. We ensure everything operates smoothly so you never have to worry about your IT again; everything will just work as it should.

Cost Competitive, Reliable Software and Hardware

We use cost-competitive and reliable software and hardware to create your infrastructure. We use leading-edge technology from major manufacturers such as HP and Cisco. We have close relationships with several tech partners which enables us to offer the best technology to your business at a great price.

By using the best technology available, we ensure that your network will meet your needs for years to come. We design our network solutions with the future in mind, ensuring your network will grow with your business and scale as required without extra investment.

Networking with The Future in Mind

You need IT network infrastructure that’s flexible; infrastructure that will support your business now and years down the line. Here at Optionbox Networks, we design our network solutions with the future in mind. As a result, you get network infrastructure that will support your business now and accommodate any future business changes.

Before designing and installing a network solution for you, we get to know your business and your requirements. We develop a strong understanding of what you need now and your ambitions for the future, allowing us to develop infrastructure that can scale as necessary in the years to come.

Networking Services

Optionbox Networks offers a complete range of networking services, such as:

  • Network Design
  • Installation
  • Hardware Procurement
  • Structured Data Cabling
  • Monitoring and Ongoing Support
  • Network Security

We offer a complete package, so you do not have to work with multiple providers to get the network you need. Whether you need structured cabling or ongoing support and maintenance, we have a specialist team dedicated to helping you.

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