Remote IT Support

Remote IT Support

Need efficient remote IT support for your business? Optionbox Networks can help. We offer cost-effective yet reliable and professional remote IT support. As part of our remote support, we monitor your IT infrastructure and network proactively and help you fix any issues as they arise.

If technology is a big part of your business but you don’t have an IT department, remote support is massively important. Remote support enables us to support your business without having to visit your location, keeping costs low and productivity high.


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    Remote IT Support: Advantages of remote IT support

    We deliver business-grade IT support that your business can rely on. Our technicians work tirelessly to provide a service that you can rely on for all your IT requirements.

    Access to expertise on demand

    Whenever you ring or email Optionbox, you will have access to our expertise on demand. You can contact us as often as you need and speak to one of our technical support team who will be happy to share their knowledge and expertise with you.

    Upgrades out of hours

    We can perform upgrades to your network infrastructure and IT solutions at any point during the day with your permission. We will perform upgrades on your equipment outside of typical business hours to ensure that necessary updates don’t impact the productivity of your business.

    Increased productivity

    We maintain your IT infrastructure proactively. If you find that you currently must deal with several IT issues, your productivity will take a hit. By allowing us to handle your IT solutions for you, we can ensure that your staff can become more productive.

    Reduced costs

    By utilising remote IT support services instead of hiring IT personnel to work in-house, you can ensure your IT solutions are in good shape without massive expense. An IT department is a costly addition to any business, particularly if you want highly trained personnel. With our remote support services, you have experienced information technology specialists assisting you without massive costs.

    Remote IT Support: Why Choose Optionbox?

    If you’re looking for an IT partner that you can rely on, you’ve come to the right place. We’re a Microsoft Silver Partner, which means we have the expertise to help your business with your IT support needs. Here are some of the reasons that you should choose Optionbox as your IT support partner.

    Experienced Team

    The Optionbox Networks team is made up of experienced IT professionals who diligently help our customers with their needs. We have many years of experience providing remote support to businesses small and large.

    If you need a reliable business to help you with your IT, you need not look any further. Optionbox Networks is the experienced partner that you need.

    Fast and Effective

    If you call us with an IT issue, we’ll never keep you waiting. We aim to answer every single support call within 10 seconds. We also aim to resolve your issue on the initial phone call, if possible.

    We’re fast and effective, which is exactly what you need from the business taking care of your IT.

    First-Class Systems

    Here at Optionbox Networks, we’ve invested in industry-leading systems and tools that enable us to offer the very best remote support to our customers. We use advanced remote monitoring systems as well as secure, reliable remote access software that enables us to quickly and effectively support you.

    When you combine our IT knowhow and the systems and tools we’ve invested in, the result is a highly reliable IT partner that provides a superb customer experience.

    Bespoke Support

    Here at Optionbox Networks, we don’t believe in ‘one-size-fits-all’, so we only offer bespoke remote IT support packages. As part of a FREE IT audit, we’ll assess the requirements of your business and create a package that meets your requirements.

    You aren’t just another customer on a long list. We care about making sure your IT always works for you as it should.

    Remote IT Support: Key features

    Our remote support services allow you to focus on other elements of your business. Rest assured that your IT infrastructure is in good hands when we provide you with remote help.

    Telephone and email support

    Our professional team of technicians provide support via email and telephone. No matter how you contact us, you will deal with one of our expert technicians who will be able to help you resolve your issue quickly and effectively.

    Infrastructure monitoring

    Your IT infrastructure is an essential part of your business that you need to operate effectively. We monitor your IT infrastructure in real-time, noting any issues that crop up and fixing them before they even begin to impact your business.

    Cyber security solutions

    As part of our remote support services, we can implement several cyber security solutions that protect your infrastructure. From firewalls to anti-virus, we utilise a range of effective software and hardware that aims to prevent your business from suffering cyber-attacks.

    Instant advice

    If you require any advice from our IT technicians, we’re always happy to advise you. Whether you’re considering some upgrades to your IT infrastructure or you simply need some advice about using some software on your computer, our technicians are free to help you out.

    Dedicated account manager

    With all remote support deals, you will have a dedicated account manager who can assist you with any queries and ensure the subject of your call is quickly dealt with. Your friendly account manager will commit themselves to ensuring that you are a happy customer.

    FREE IT Audit

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