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We offer IT support, network security solutions, access control, and hardware and infrastructure services to businesses based in Yorkshire and beyond. Our highly qualified IT team uses industry leading technology to provide bespoke solutions to SMEs. Whether you have a small in-house department or you want us to handle all your IT requirements, we can cater our services perfectly to your business’s specific needs.

We offer a personal, cost-effective service that delivers the support and services you require. Our bespoke approach is completely flexible and scales with your business as your business develops.

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Our FREE IT audit will help you make the most of the technology you have.


    Our Services

    Here at Optionbox, we’ll find you a cost-effective, reliable solution that meets your IT requirements. Whether your infrastructure simply doesn’t meet your requirements or you need an IT department to keep your systems in order, we’re suited to assist you.

    IT Support

    We offer exceptional IT support; the kind you only get from a Microsoft Silver Partner.

    Our IT support team uses years of experience and training to offer professional IT support to our customers in Leeds, Yorkshire, and the UK. Our IT support service is flexible and moulded to offer you the support your business requires.

    Our IT support services are both proactive and reactive. Our support aims to prevent any IT issues from occurring. If IT problems occur, our support team rapidly responds to any issue and find a suitable, lasting solution.

    Network Security Solutions

    No matter the size of your business, there are cyber threats to contend with. If you own an SME, the latest data shows that over half of cyber crime in the UK targets businesses such as yours. We have a number of cost-effective, highly reliable network security solutions that can keep your network protected from all cyber threats.

    Concerned that your current cyber security might not be protecting your business? We offer a free, no-obligation cyber security audit that helps you to improve your security solutions substantially.

    Hardware Leasing

    Want the latest business grade hardware but can’t afford to buy it immediately? We offer hardware leasing services, where we will secure the hardware you require and find the best leasing agreement for your business. You could have the latest computers or servers for as little as £2 per day.

    Our hardware leasing agreements are as flexible as your business requires. We create an agreement based on the information you provide to us, meaning we can create a mouldable deal that genuinely meets the requirements of your business.


    Find out more about information technology

    Our blog is full of tips, advice and reviews relating to the latest in the IT industry.

    FREE Network Security Audit

    Worried about your network security? Find out how good it is with a FREE audit. We’ll review your security and create a report on improvements you can quickly make. Contact us now to book today.