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If you aren’t an IT expert, you might be uncomfortable with buying hardware. Similarly, you might be unsure what to do when your existing hardware requires repairs. If you need hardware supply and repair, Optionbox have the skills and knowledge to assist you. We have an expert team of technology experts who can assess your requirements and gain the correct equipment for you. Our team are qualified to carry out repairs on a wide range of network infrastructure hardware.

Optionbox can find the best prices for your business in the procurement of technology for your IT infrastructure. Whether you need new computers or a new server cabinet, we know what we’re talking about and can ensure you purchase the right technology.

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    What we supply and install

    We can supply and install a wide range of IT related hardware from leading vendors cost-effectively. Here are a few examples of hardware that we can supply for your business.

    Telephony equipment

    Whether you require network switches, VoIP handsets or conferencing equipment, we can supply what you need while sticking to a budget.

    Network security

    Security for your network is crucial. We can provide hardware for your network security, such as firewalls. Additionally, we can provide network software to enhance your network security.

    Wireless network equipment

    Router stopped operating as it should? We can provide state of the art routers cost-effectively, offering you the very best routers for the very best prices.


    If you require additional server hardware, we work with all the vendors to get your equipment cost-effectively. We ensure that the equipment we gain for you fits seamlessly into your existing setup.

    How much does hardware cost?

    The hardware we offer is available for as little as £2 a day depending on what you require. Hardware leasing enables you to possess the hardware you want, while paying for it in affordable increments.


    What our team can repair

    If your business relies on the hardware that it uses, there’s nothing worse than the hardware suddenly not working as it should. If your hardware isn’t operating properly, contact us today. We can conduct diagnostics, discover the problem and repair it.

    Telephony equipment

    Small telephone problems can cause a big issue for businesses, especially companies that receive a lot of phone calls. The team at Optionbox can quickly diagnose issues with phones and get them fixed rapidly. Your phones will be working again in no time!


    If your business is reliant on its computers to operate, you need to get inoperable computers fixed as quick as possible. We can repair computers quickly and effectively as we have a team of skilled technicians on hand.


    If your servers are malfunctioning, our professional team can assist. We can repair the vast majority of server problems due to our skills and extensive experience. Repairs can be completed with minimal disruption to your business, allowing you to get back on track as soon as possible.

    Advice and technology procurement support

    If you require any advice on the type of hardware that would be best for your business’s budget, do not hesitate to be in touch. We have a team of friendly experts on hand to provide you advice that your business can rely on.

    If you are unsure where to buy hardware from or you simply don’t know what you are buying, contact us today and speak to a member of the team. We’re more than happy to help!


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