Cost-effective, premium hardware & infrastructure solutions

Whether you require a complete redesign of your IT infrastructure or you want to lease the latest hardware to boost your business, we can help. We have a team of technical experts that have the skills and experience to design IT infrastructure and provide you with the equipment your business requires.

We pride ourselves on offering a personal yet professional cost-effective service. Our experienced team specialises in designing IT infrastructure from the ground up and providing future-proof hardware that will serve your business for years to come.

FREE IT security review

The IT infrastructure you’ve invested in requires comprehensive cyber security as devestating cyber attacks are on the rise. We’ll assess your current network security setup and create a report on how you can improve it.

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Complete IT infrastructure design

We have years of experience designing IT infrastructure for businesses like yours. No matter the size of your business, we can help you upgrade your existing infrastructure so it better meets the requirements of your business. The right IT infrastructure allows your business to cut costs and optimise your processes.

We take the future into consideration when designing your IT infrastructure. We install and use technology and software that can adapt with your business as your business grows. Reduce costs and invest in an IT infrastructure that will suit the needs of your business perfectly.

Hardware leasing options

If your business needs the latest hardware but wants to avoid investing upfront for it, we can help. Hardware leasing allows you to purchase the latest hardware and spread the cost over a longer period. As a result, you could have the latest computers and servers for as little as £1 per day.

Small and large businesses alike can both advantage from leasing equipment instead of purchasing it. As part of leasing from Optionbox, our customers get hardware support and IT security solutions free as part of their leasing agreement. Your business could too.


Structured cabling

Robust structured cabling is an essential part of your IT infrastructure. We can enhance your existing IT infrastructure with structured cabling that enhances your business’s network.

We have extensive experience and expertise installing cabling that is structured and maximises the potential of your IT network.

Hardware supply and repair

We can supply cost-effective, top of the range hardware to your business. We understand that you’re likely not a IT hardware expert, so our team can assess your requirements and find equipment that truly meets your needs.

Because of the businesses we work closely with, we can find the best deals for your business on hardware. No matter what you require, from laptops and phones to server cabinets, we can provision equipment cost-effectively for you.


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