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Optionbox Networks is one of many IT companies in Leeds, but we’re ahead of the competition when it comes to supporting your business’s IT infrastructure and providing reliable IT solutions. We provide managed IT support, remote IT support, cyber security solutions, and hardware supply and repair to businesses based in Leeds and surrounding areas.

If you are based in Leeds, we are ideally placed to support your business with our cost-effective, reliable IT services. Whether you have an in-house IT team or want to outsource your information technology requirements entirely, our specialist team can help your business.

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    IT companies in Leeds

    Services we offer

    Managed IT support

    Our managed IT support services can back your business by taking away your need for an in-house IT team. If creating an in-house IT team is too expensive or you want to outsource to save money, we can free up your time and handle all your technical concerns.

    IT problems can cause a major headache for you and your business if you don’t have managed IT support services in place. We offer managed cyber security, managed network and managed hosting services, allowing us to comprehensively support your business.

    Cloud-based backup solutions

    What would happen if your business suddenly lost all its data overnight? If you have managed backup solutions in place, your business will be up and running in again in no time. If you don’t have any backup in place, it could be disastrous.

    With our cloud-based backup solutions, you can ensure your business doesn’t grind to a halt should the unexpected happen. We store your data in a managed and protected UK data center and we have a team of engineers available who can provide you with support and advice as required.

    IT companies Leeds

    Managed cyber security

    We offer advanced cyber security services which proactively protect your business’s IT infrastructure. It is crucial that businesses take their cyber security seriously as more threats arise daily. Our managed cyber security services protect your business and offer you peace of mind that your infrastructure is impenetrable. We protect your business’s network through managed threat hunting, remote investigation and containment of threats.

    We actively monitor your network with advanced threat detection software, safeguarding your company’s systems and data. Our cutting-edge software identifies and analyses any potential security flaws and our security team will suggest and implement solutions.

    Hardware leasing

    We provide leasing options for all IT hardware. Our leasing options allow you to acquire all the hardware your business needs to prosper without paying for it upfront. Whether you need PCs, laptops, servers or network equipment, we can help.

    We have an in-house IT hardware team that can advise on the equipment your business needs. Once you have chosen the equipment you require, our low-cost leasing options enable you to purchase the equipment you require in small installments.

    IT companies in Leeds

    FREE IT audit

    Our FREE IT audit can help your business make the most of its technology. We can help you maximise your existing infrastructure, troubleshoot network issues and find weaknesses in your network. As part of this free service, we will create a report for your Leeds business that details everything noted as part of our audit.

    Our IT audit enables your business to make the most of its current infrastructure without having to invest heavily in new hardware and software. If you do need to upgrade your IT solutions, we can help you to find cost-effective systems that allow your business to operate efficiently.


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