Meet the Team

When you work with Optionbox, you’re choosing to work with a group of hardworking people rather than a faceless telecommunications business. Here’s a bit of information about the team that you’ll be working with.


Michael is one of Optionbox’s managing directors and an all-round telecommunications expert. He has worked in telecommunications in some form for over 15 years and decided to start Optionbox with his colleague Darren roughly 10 years ago.

Michael is one of the powerhouses behind the business, continually pushing the business forward and actively involving himself in ongoing projects. A great presence around the office, Optionbox wouldn’t be the same without him.


Darren is the second half on Optionbox’s managing director duo. Like Michael, he really knows what he’s talking about when it comes to business energy and telecommunications. After working in the finance industry, Darren has worked with Michael for over 10 years. In that time, they have helped Optionbox grow from just the two of them to a much bigger team.

Darren has a diverse skillset and a talent for coming up with innovative ideas, making him an essential cog in the Optionbox machine. Darren’s approachable and friendly, making him a brilliant leader.


Matt is Optionbox’s technical director. If you have any questions about anything relating to hardware, software and the solutions we use, he’s the guy to go to. Matt has an extensive background as a technician and has helped install and maintain telecommunications solutions for over 10 years.

Matt typically partakes in and manages the installation of everything from wireless broadband solutions to telephone systems. His technical knowledge makes Matt a valued member of the Optionbox team.


As Optionbox’s financial whizz, Bernie works hard to ensure that everything is kept in check. Bernie is extremely passionate about her work and completes all tasks to the highest standard.

When Bernie isn’t focusing on the financial part of her job, she’s typically helping out customers over the phone. Her experiences in finance departments over the years make her a crucial part of our business.


Andrew is a key part of Optionbox’s team of technicians. If you ever phone up for any technical support, Andrew is usually the guy that will help you out. With over 15 years working in telecommunications, Andrew has the skills to fix the majority of problems over the phone. If he can’t do that, he’s happy to help customers onsite!

Alongside offering quality technical support to you and other customers, Andrew is often onsite installing telephone systems, internet circuits and access control solutions. Friendly, always happy to help and talented, Andrew’s an important part of the Optionbox family.

Jack A

Jack is the latest addition to the Optionbox team. Jack is a part of the technician team and offers technical support to our customers. Determined to help and with a large knowledge bank, Jack has the skills and work ethic to fix most problems over the phone in a friendly manner.

As well as offering first class technical support to you and other customers, Jack goes out on jobs to expand his knowledge of telecommunications installations. With his positive attitude and great work ethic, Jack is an important part of the Optionbox technical support team.


Adrian is a part of the technician team here at Optionbox. More often than not, Adrian is the guy that will come out and install the products that we offer to you. Adrian has the skills to complete projects to the highest standard and assist customers with any of their telecommunications-related problems.

Adrian is an experienced technician trained to a high standard, meaning he’s always helping customers with their telephones, security and internet. His extensive experiences as a technician means he’s come across most problems, ensuring he’s fully equipped to help you.

Jack M

Jack is part of our marketing team, helping Optionbox to extend its reach online and become more visible to potential customers. With over 2 years’ digital marketing experience, Jack has the skills required to maintain and enhance Optionbox’s digital presence.

Typically, Jack will spend his day blogging and completing a wide range of marketing tasks. The tasks performed by Jack help Optionbox become more visible online, which is why he’s a valuable part of the team.


Ian is part of the account management and sales team. He helps gain new customers by meeting them and discussing their requirements and partakes in networking. Ian is friendly, approachable and always happy to help. If he’s your account manager, you can rely on him to help you.

On a typical basis, Ian will attend networking events and speak to customers about new deals and their existing accounts. As part of the account management team, Ian manages a number of accounts and is a friendly point of contact for a lot of our customers, making him a valuable member of the team.


Tracey is part of the account management and sales team. On a typical day she will partake in networking and customer relations, helping customers to enjoy the very best experience with Optionbox. As an account manager, Tracey is responsible for looking after customers and offering a professional experience with a personal touch.

Tracey arranges networking events and earns new business for Optionbox through these events. Additionally, she will speak to their account holders that she is responsible for to ensure that they are happy with the service that they are receiving. She’s a valued member of the account management and sales team.


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